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Skarzynski, Stanislaw Jakub

Grafnummer 62
Rang Group Captain (pulkownik) Nr. P-1252 P.A.F. (R.C.)
Squadron 305 Dywizjon Bombowy Ziemi Wielkopolskiej, Polish Air Force
Geboortedatum / leeftijd 43 jaar
Als vermist opgegeven 26 juni 1942
Type vliegtuig Vickers Wellington, Z8528
Aangespoeld bij paal km. 15
Begraven 23 juli 1942, 17.30 uur
Partner Julia Skarzynski
Woonplaats Warta, Polen
Bijzonderheden Later, in 1983 is de urn met de as van zijn vrouw Julia bijgezet. Dit is bij hoge uitzondering toegestaan door de autoriteiten.
Hij was Commanding Officer of the Bomber Command's Base in Lindholme.
Nog meer bijzonderheden

Nadat het vliegtuig een noodlanding op het water had gemaakt, liet de bemanning een rubberbootje te water om daar vervolgens in te stappen.Toen Skarzynski aan de beurt was, hij was waarschijnlijk de laatste die het vliegtuig verliet, sprong hij noodlottig genoeg naast het bootje. De stroming nam hem mee naar de staart van het vliegtuig. De overige bemanning heeft hem nog een tijd om hulp horen roepen, waarna hij uiteindelijk verdronk. Dit was een beste tegenslag voor de Poolse luchtmacht, aangezien Skarzynski een pionier in de luchtvaart was in Polen, vergelijkbaar met bijvoorbeeld Antonie Fokker of Charles Lindbergh.

Jaren later werd er een postzegel uitgegeven in Polen met zijn afbeelding er op met een vliegtuig.
Deze jubileumzegel is door Johnny Potharst beschikbaar gesteld.




In de stad Warta in Polen staat een standbeeld van Stanislaw Skarzynski

Enkele foto's ter beschikking gesteld door Wojciech Zmyslony



Pagina 12 uit no. 305 sqn Operations Record Book


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Stanislaw Skarzynski

              Stanislaw Skarzynski

Stanislaw Skarzynski (b. May 1, 1899 - June 26, 1942 ) was a Polish aviator.

He was born in Warta. In 1916-17 he was a member of the Polish Military Organization (POW). In November 1918 he volunteered for the newly created Polish Army, and commanded an action of disarming German soldiers in Warta. Then, he fought in the Polish-Soviet war in the infantry, being promoted to 2nd Lieutenant in 1919. He was wounded but returned to the front. During the battle of Radzymin he was severely wounded in one leg on August 16, 1920. The infected wound needed long rehabilitation; Skarzynski hardly avoided being invalid, though he always limped. Unable to further serve in the infantry, he managed to obtain permission to join military aviation.

He completed pilot school in Bydgoszcz in 1925, then he served in the 1st Aviation Regiment in Warsaw. In 1927 he became a Captain. Between February 1 and May 5, 1931 he, together with Lt. Andrzej Markiewicz, flew around Africa in the Polish aircraft PZL L-2 (registration SP-AFA), a distance of 25,770 km. The aircraft was constructed by J Dabrowski.

On May 7 / May 8 1933, Skarzynski flew in a small single-seater Polish tourist airplane RWD-5bis (SP-AJU) across the southern Atlantic, from Saint-Louis, Senegal to Maceio in Brazil. The flight took 20 hours 30 minutes (17 hours 15 minutes above the ocean). He crossed 3,582 km, establishing a distance record in a FAI tourist plane 2nd class (weight below 450 kg / 1000 lb). The aircraft was constructed by Rogalski Wigura and Drzewiecki. The RWD-5bis was, and is still, the smallest plane to ever to have flown across the Atlantic. Until the last moment, his flight was kept secret. It became a part of Warsaw - Rio de Janeiro flight, between April 27 and May 10, 17,885 km long. He then flew on to Buenos Aires. He returned to Europe by ship.

Polish medal awarded to Skarzynski

Polish medal awarded to Skarzynski

In 1934 he was promoted to Major. He commanded a bomber squadron, and from 1938 he was a deputy C/O of the 4th Aviation Regiment in Torun, with a rank of flying Lt.Col. ( podpulkownik pilot ). In April 1939 he became President of the Aeroclub of Poland. In August 1939, he was sent to Romania, as the deputy Air Attaché .

After the outbreak of the World War II, he helped in transferring Polish pilots, fleeing from Poland, through Romania, to France, where the Polish Air Force was recreated. In 1940 Skarzynski himself got to France, then to Britain, where he became Commanding Officer of the Polish Flying School in Newton. He however asked to serve in a combat unit, and was assigned as C/O of Lindholme Air Base and a pilot in the No. 305 Polish Bomber Squadron . After midnight on June 26, 1942, returning from a great bombing mission over Bremen, his Wellington had to land in the North Sea due to damage to the engine. Skarzynski was washed to the sea, and was the only crew member lost. The rest were later rescued. He was later buried on the island of Terschelling .

He was awarded, among others the Virtuti Militari 5th class (for Polish-Soviet war), Order of Polonia Restituta 4th class, Krzyz Walecznych (four times), Golden and Silver Cross of Merit, the French Legion d'Honneur and the Brazilian Order of the Southern Cross. The FAI awarded him the Bleriot Medal of which he was the first recipient. Posthumously he was made a full Colonel ("pulkownik pilot") and the President of Poland awarded him posthumously the Order of Polonia Restituta 2nd class.


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